dancing right beside you.

Its THE first post.
big big news and one wonderful track everyone has been lookin for.
First up the release date of smashing pumpkins new album rumoured to be called zeitgeist.like what the hell does that mean.


what a date.maybe hope is not such a bad thing after all.

The first time i heard the umbrellas(no ‘the‘) and their album illuminare i immediately thought of the fray. I guess thats the last thing they want.. a comparison to just another band but they sound so dreamy and mcdreamy.Ok pardon me for the corny greys term but they were featured on greys a couple of weeks back too hence the relation.While the song keeps you in a daze its definitely pop rock at its finest so download it while you can.


Ok as promised here’s the song for the nokia ad that everyones been unconsciously humming to.
It creeps into your life unknowingly.and yeah..its that good.(ahhhhh i love this so much)

Daft PunkDigital Love


1 Response to “dancing right beside you.”

  1. 1 uncle johnny February 9, 2007 at 3:09 pm

    link for ships is redone as someone says the file gets jumpy.i think hes lyin.

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