thursdays and hearts made of sound

thursday is the new friday.

in anticipation of fridays and that fabulous weekend where you get totally tashed!(oh my, how shameless is that.adding a new word to your vocab hah.)thursdays are are gonna be special here at tashed.

i present chan marshall(cat power).oh yeah, shes the greatest.that dirty old man karl spoils it all in the photo but hes karl and he steals a couple of souls.i’m pretty sure jarvis hates him.

cat powerthe greatest
jarvis cocker(pulp)-cunts are still running the world

yesterday i was sure we were humming but now whistling?
you’re gonna whistle to this(oh i am pretty damn sure)
a friend did a video using their song and won a competition!
now now, no one will surprise me unless you do.

peter,bjorn and johnyoung folks(the popular one)
peter,bjorn and johnlets call it off all have probably heard of those pricks above.they are pricks cos i love them so much i hate them.

here’s something fresh.they are called the softlightes.they claim to be from california and qatar?bloody weird but we all embrace bohemia dont we.
album art is really really nice.and their video is #1 on youtube! beeyoutifool.
their rythms get to you i swear.
im gonna get their album once its released.these songs are from their heart of sound EP.

softlightesheart made of sound
softlightesgirlkillsbear(lo-fi-fnk remix)

the lo-fi-fnk remix deserves nothin short of five stars.woooo

and if you really really really cant wait for friday to come and life sucks heres a video of a guy takin a pic of himself everyday-this its effin for the weekend…


3 Responses to “thursdays and hearts made of sound”

  1. 1 weimsy February 9, 2007 at 2:06 am

    this site – i likey.
    hi johnny n lenn!

  2. 2 uncle johnny February 9, 2007 at 7:51 am

    thanks for being the first now im no longer a virgin!hahhah.but really..thanks for writing sth

  3. 3 dickson teo February 9, 2007 at 3:03 pm

    wheres the mat rock?

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