i heart.

bloggers a bitch and the site looks fugly.
even the weathers gone nuts these days.couple of friends in the states and uk keep tellin me abt the crazy winter thats been blazin its way through.
but i’ve got some stuff to make things as sweet and comforting as the first time you tried strawberries and cream.

voxtrot have been labelled as twee pop by many but we all know twee pop has a bad rep so i dont like genre stereotyping.
they are just delicious melodic pop.
the other single trouble is a real gem.
go get the album now.

voxtrotwarmest part of the winter

looking at au revoir simone‘s pictures will make even the hardest man melt.
pretty pretty petticoat…
they even sound as delicate as they appear to be.
their album’s aptly called the bird of music.
‘nothings worse than seeing you worse than me,
nothing hurts like seeing you hurt like me.’
i heart au revoir simone.

au revoir simonefallen snow

you know how it is that people love to drop the ‘i heart..’ statement.
well the folks at sony ericsson simply abused it for their ad campaign, using their own logo.
remember the i heart the rain,i heart the long commute they throw at you?
here’s the video of the ad to refresh things.(longer version)
and of course, heres the song..
for the birthday boy,whale.happy 22nd prick.

holiday for stringsjump on food


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