afternoon delight

i have been slammed by singapores next top model(des) for all the indie folk/pop thats on here.he says he wants it hard.
but its a sunday afternoon..
and with afternoons we gotta have something delightful.

a boston gangster told me about paolo nutini.
i remember hearing about him before but i also remember dismissing him.
then i heard a couple of his tracks last request and new shoes.
he actually impressed me quite a bit.delightful..
it played on my itunes for a couple of days then it hit me.
he was really good but not great.i assure you hes gonna be big though.

he reminded me of the current state mtv is in now..lacking in gravitas.
they come out with something thats incredibly popular for months but it just makes you cringe hearing it again in a years time.remember that blunt dude?you’re beautiful.ugh.
dont take my word for it, listen for yourself.
grab it not because its gonna be #1 in your top 25 most played list but because you have the bragging rights that its in your library before your local radio deejay kills it with overplay.

paolo nutinilast request
paolo nutininew shoes

talking about requests..leave some comments or drop a mail if you want something featured here.if its independent stuff(music,film,photography,art),theres a high prob i will write about it.

what can i say about the good, the bad and the queen.they are already so huge even though they were formed only in late january this year.i guess having members from blur, verve, clash and afrobeat is enough to grab the worlds attention in less than a month.
just enjoy.

the good,the bad and the queen80’s life

and if its not rockin enough for ya, let the always brilliant kaiser chiefs of ‘everyday i love you less and less’ fame delight you with ruby from their sophomore album yours truly,angry mob which didnt disappoint one bit.i leave the best for last.

kaiser chiefsruby

extra extra.when its right its right,why wait until the middle of a cold dark night?
will ferrell claims he will fight you if you dont think this is the greatest song ever.
starland vocal bandafternoon delight


4 Responses to “afternoon delight”

  1. 1 Noelle February 11, 2007 at 4:47 pm

    Jon, jon, your blog is The Greatest – so damn fucking neat I’m loving and loathing it (cos you make me bloody envious) at the same time. I foresee an international following of music lovers, because international cool standards it has achieved, and to that I salute my favourite uncle/cousin. Woo whee!

    Btw, what does it mean to be tashed? The last time I heard someone use a word that sounds like how I think “tashed” should be pronouced (rhymes with “smashed”), it was used in the context of referring to some not too subtle hairs above the lips of a certain female.

  2. 2 uncle johnny February 11, 2007 at 4:53 pm

    you know its something to be saluted by the lausanne who knows what im writing about!
    tashed is such a loose term but it actually always refers to feelin someone know what shaun does at times.hahah.

  3. 3 Gerald February 16, 2007 at 7:03 am

    eh fuck what boston gangster

  4. 4 passing February 25, 2007 at 7:45 pm

    it’d be cool to see some stuff on photography

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