hey ho lets go

if you havent heard of the cold war kids i dont know where you have been.
they are like the no. 1 band in my heart.
no im not exaggerating they are up there with interpol and arcade fire etc. as top of the pops.
if you want some good noise this is it.this is the shit.
they exploded late last year but never in asia as usual.
im really really late in posting about the cold war kids
i bet the whole of america and europe has heard of them and given them their souls
they even do their own artwork.so crayz
lets get tashed with the cold war kids.

cold war kidshang me up to dry
cold war kidshospital beds
cold war kidsi don’t wanna grow up (live acoustic)

comin and goin
asleep and awake
the joy and miseraye
put out the fire boys
dont stop dont stop
put out the fire on us.

now we know thailands our neighbour but a band call thailand???
they are an electro rock band from CA
i will do more and more asian related things cos im here obviously.thanks to rockinsider for this song.
so heres thailandthis officer’s life

heres some acoustic for all you sexyback freaks
the dudes called james eric and hes this guitar freak
and he decided to do an acoustic cover of yes yes.. sexyback.

james ericsexyback(acoustic)


1 Response to “hey ho lets go”

  1. 1 mashire February 25, 2007 at 3:30 pm

    never knew there was someone gayer than timberlake

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