viva bohemia! | blonde redhead 23"

bohemia they way you imagined it to be.
that would be too much for me to take.
come down this thursday to thebutterfactory if you wanna
be freaked out or to weep with tears of joy.
friend of the month for VB is DJ thedickbandit.wooo

are there blonde redheads?
or do they only exist in bohemia?
with your tainted hearts and tainted minds.
4 legged women with erm an extra extra?..
playin tennis to boot..such a turn on.

back to business.
blonde redhead was formed by Kazu Makino, Maki Takahashi and Italian twin brothers Simone Pace and Amedeo Pace born in Milan.
Maki has since left the band so its a trio now.why four legs then?
kazu has a crazy high pitched eerie voice.the way she sings the words tainted hearts…
oooh theres an ethereal beauty to it. it even lingers in your mind.
their names even sound asian enough.

the new single is from their upcoming album titled “23″ in april.
blonde redhead-23


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