some kind of chill

sometimes it comes without words.
sometimes it goes without saying.

i do not know of anyone who has heard some kindofchill and not like it.
but dont put your finger down and label arizona just because you heard that gem of a song.
songs like splintering and away are quite different and showcase their eclectic sound.

these songs are from their album called welcome back dear children.
if you ever had a bad day, some kind of chill is the song you should be listening to.
i implore you to purchase this album.
this is what we should be hearing as pop on our local radio stations.

when i hear them sing ‘what goes around comes around..’ in splintering,i thought of justin timberlake and his song of that name.
absolute trash to me.
and i thought scarlett johansson could do no wrong.
see the video if you dont understand.

arizona‘s gonna have a new album out soon so look out for em i swear theyre gonna tash you.

until you get to that place

arizonasome kind of chill


[arizona myspace page]


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