crayon fields and children

you know the deal.
when a band plays with handclaps and triangles to go with a melodic voice,it sounds really really happy.

music which has tambourines,shakers and handclaps..always appeals to me.
that is exactly what the crayon fields sound like.
a bloody happy band.
they are classified as childrens music on itunes. hah.
they really seem to take everything good about being a child into their music.

you know where hope used to be a good thing and being happy was all that mattered…not childish,but they seem to sing in a way that children may just be the ones who see the bigger picture in life.
they are totally not self-conscious according to pple who’ve seen them live.

my dream position in a band is being that dude at the side with the shaker livin in his own world.
and i’d rather be ringo than paul.

i still want impossible things..
i’ll clap for you and you’d clap for me.

the bands from melbourne and its their first album called animal bells.a bloody good effort.

the crayon fieldsimpossible things


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