low happening | aussie lovin

sorry bout the low happening the last couple of days
have been down with the sickness cos of damned BBQ wings.
i believe i just wrote the last few sentences just to slot low happening in.again.

there are many things to love about australiacoopers ale,victoria bitter,
holly valance,naomi watts
the presets, and hell lots of indie i havent discovered from there and i wonder why since they are practically next door.

now theres howling bells to add to the list.
rock your socks with juanita stein the lead vocalist who has this voice…
this voice i cant put down because its so effin effin unique.
you either like love that voice rotten or hate it.
no two ways about it.i happen to adore it.
they simply blew me away.

that was 6 months back and they still amaze me.
their self-titled album howling bells has been around since mid 2006
but i have this inkling you cant stop listenin to them.

now someone please tell me girls cant rock like we guys do.
i suddenly feel emasculated.

buy the album here and its even cheaper with the long blondes!!!

howling bellslow happening
howling bellsbroken bones

video video video.


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