the go find

the go find sounds really really familiar and its
not because they rip off another band’s sound
but because they are so soothing to the ears its like having an eargasm.

light electronica accompanied with velvet-smooth vocals for whenever you are feelin a little lazy and hazy and nothin seems easy to listen to.

the go find is from antwerp, belgium.
their 2nd and latest album is named stars on the wall.

the go finddictionary
the go find25 years

it sounds really sincere even when he says that you are always in between lies.
it goes so well with the light drizzle thats happenin right now.
i hope you find them too.

the amy winehouse-rehab link is reupped, i uploaded the wrong song before that.


1 Response to “the go find”

  1. 1 dickson teo March 21, 2007 at 1:21 am

    Postal who?

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