boys boys boys..

from boy kill boy to the whitest boy alive
here comes the happiest of them all
the boy least likely to.

im gonna force my neices and nephews to listen to them(im serious)
girls are gonna love this band
boys are gonna go ‘twee like fuck!’ and act like they detest them.

but this band is so happy it makes everyone gay.
now wtf are you thinking its harmless childrens music we are talking about.

the boy least likely tobe gentle with me
the boy least likely toi’m glad i hitched my apple wagon to your star


of 2 million people watching the infamous boys dancing on treadmills and grannies dancing next to treadmills.(bloody speechless..these grannies are cooler than you.)
please watch the 2 videos.

OK GOhere it goes again (catchy catchy catchy!)

its just a joy watching 4 grown men acting like boys and old folks dancing.
who cares about the young folks??


1 Response to “boys boys boys..”

  1. 1 michael March 22, 2007 at 9:12 pm

    hey I noticed that you like the treadmills video by okgo.
    you should check out their new video, it features a horde of circus type sideshow freaks doing their best tricks.. all while dressed in head to toe wall paper camouflage!!

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