i am the eggman

probably the only video i will post on this site.
oh jude.
hey jude.
i hope this movie ends up as beautiful as what i expect it to be.
stimulating..visually, emotionally and in every way possible.
its like begging for your attention without seeming pathetic.

talkin about them..if you remember a couple of months back
those who are still alive plus the martins and the witch yoko decided to do experimental mixes for a collaboration with cirque du soleil
and the result was a soundtrack called love.

it was a slight departure from the originals
and didnt change much of it
but its the beatles.
i cant see any part of them and their music which desires change.
they were that close to perfection.

heres a different version of one of the greatest songs everfrom love.

the beatlesi am the walrus (love remix)

i am the eggman.
lets go across the universe.
see how they fly like lucy in the sky see how they run.
stupid bloody tuesday.


1 Response to “i am the eggman”

  1. 1 noelle March 27, 2007 at 4:35 pm

    The “Love” album SUCKED! No, wait. When you listen to it presently, it still does, so I should repeat what I said, only in presen tense. It SUCKS!

    Get Yoko’s collaboration album instead, i recommend.

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