some loud thunder

it seems like the lead vocalist alec ounsworth of
clap your hands say yeah
has someone grabbing his balls while he sings
but in actual fact his voice grabs you instantly.

it may not appeal to you immediately
but its not surprising that their dark emotion-filled music
is so infectious even david bowie is an admirer.

while most sophomore albums disappoint,
some loud thunder does not stray from
making music which startles, trips and steals your soul.
incredible stuff.

just dont compare it to the first album.that was pure genius.
take your time with this album and for once,
the hype is not just about the hype.

perfect for undercurrents of heavy heavy emotion
where gravitas and not fleeting cheap thrills is desired.

clap your hands say yeahlove song no.7clap your hands say yeahyankee go home

from the first self-titled album which stunned everyone…

clap your hands say yeahdetails of the war
clap your hands say yeahover and over again(lost and found)


*used for a magazine review


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