dashboard intervention

my recent state of denial has been infectious.
i never thought i would put another video up
but i guess its another form of stimulation.
dont be dirty.
im talkin about visuals.oops.
the last video was so sick..
this one is just adorable.

you really should know the pipettes.
they were the it band of 2006
here’s them with hand movements for their anthem pull shapes.
time to have indie mambo.

the pipettes-pull shapes

[pipettes myspace]

remember modest mouse?
guessing new album?
wow you are so smart.

its called we were dead before the ship even sank.
released late march worldwide its been some kind of a hit.
this albums been #1 on the charts in the states.

its been a long time coming for modest mouse.
they’ve played big brother to countless indie bands
having been in the scene since the early 90s
they are so famously indie they are like mainstream indie.
what an oxymoron.

i have to admit many of their albums arent very easy to listen to
and many songs are like raw uncut gems.
their latest single dashboard however
is prepping to be the easiest by far.
i assure you its gonna be all over the place.

johnny marr from the smiths joined them last year.
changes changes…but for the better?
your turn to judge.
im content enjoying it quietly in my car with the album on my dashboard.

modest mousedashboard

and a bonus because you have all been so nice
to not have skipped the words just to D/L the songs.

a lovely cover done by goldspot for that ridiculously awesome song.

goldspotfloat on (modest mouse cover)

[modest mouse myspace]
purchase the bloody album from amazon or something.


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