the national

how many of you have bought an album
or downloaded a song because of its irresistible album artwork?
i know i have.
this looks tempting enough.
just says something about the band doesnt it..

i really love the national.
they’ve got this really mellow laid-back deep rock
sound that manages to engage and comfort you.

what really really got me hooked was cold girl fever.
and i have never looked back since.
the new album boxer is gonna be out may 22nd
but here at tashed you get a leak.
i’ve got cold girl fever.

from boxer(2007):
mp3|the nationalfake empire

from alligator(2005):
mp3|the nationalkaren

from the national(S/T debut):
mp3|the nationalcold girl fever

myspace || website(more songs)

pre-order from insound and get a free 7″ to go with it.
effin awesome.

what are you for?now that i have hardcore.


1 Response to “the national”

  1. 1 zi April 15, 2007 at 4:55 am

    yea they rock! they’re opening for The Arcade Fire! Best of both worlds

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