different heartbeats

jets on a tour and they are landing right here in june or so.
why dont i sound excited?
they were a really good band when i heard them the first time.
they still are.

but why the apprehension?
i think i respect iggy pop too much to like jet.
now what in the world am i ranting about?

listen to the two songs im gonna post..
is it a case of a shameless ripoff?
did iggy sanction a half-cover?
or is jets producer lacking in brains and testicles..

yeah if im iggy pop, i’d punch the producers for jets album
and flash at jets concert.arseholes.
i believe iggy can kick the living ass outta jet physically.even now.

it was the song which shot jet to fame.
which makes it even harder to swallow.
i like them.
just not how they think.

well iggys face says it all.

mp3|iggy poplust for life
|jetare you gonna be my girl

oh c’mon stop with all the harsh words.
they probably got the same heartbeat
just like jose gonzalez and the knife.

a remix of the knife and jose
for heartbeats!
im effin serious.
and its really good!

mp3|the knife vs jose gonzalezheartbeats (remix)


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