bang gang

no its bang gang.dont say it wrong.

when i first heard of them i thought it was one of those
attention seeking bands with zero substance.
i mean its bang gang.
no ones clean enough to not think of something else.

but they kept popping up in my itunes
and they are bloody good.
its dark melancholic pop at its best.

bardi johansson is from iceland and
he outfits as a producer, director, fashion designer,singer and a composer.

i dont know if bang gang is related to aussies the bang gang djs
who absolutely want less talk and more rave!
its confusing.

just love these tracks from the icelandic man.

mp3|bang gangfind what you get(get this!!!)
mp3|bang gangits alright

mp3|bang gang-something wrong (mailing list!)

just purchase it here.


1 Response to “bang gang”

  1. 1 PingPongPunkPanda April 24, 2007 at 6:06 pm

    Ye yo Uncle Johnny!!!

    No they are actually not related

    check out

    see ya on Friday!!!

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