springtime can kill you (part 1)

springtime can kill you.
heres a few albums to take note of in 07′
while you have a requiem.

1.rufus wainwright
yeah rufus covered leonard cohens hallelujah
but its still utterly overshadowed by jeff buckleys
his 5th full length release the stars though
is one hell of a record..and it just
makes me
so tired of america.
going to a town is political melodious pop
while not ready to love greets you lightly with touch of melancholy.

mp3|rufus wainwrightgoing to a town
mp3|rufus wainwrightnot ready to love
buy here.

2.let’s go sailing
lets go sailing released their album late 06 and its not exactly a new release but
you really should have heard of them
having a regular spot on the greys soundtrack.
its real good knowing these stuff makes it to
primetime teevee.

the artwork makes it look real twee and sweet
but dont be deceived.its bloody heartbreak.

go forth and indulge
the chaos is in order.

mp3|lets go sailingsideways
mp3|lets go sailingall i want from you is love
buy here.

3.lost in the trees

lost in the trees
might just be the most enchanting
band i have ever heard.
their charm has been growing
on me the past few weeks and
its wonderfully intense.

its fantastic having a strong orchestra feel to add to his indie-pop vocals.its gotta be on the soundtrack of some indie-film.

honestly, honesty never sounded this good.

mp3|lost in the treeswalk around the lake (esopus 8)
mp3|lost in the treestall trees
buy here.

the queer factor doesnt get better than this..
even bjork would applaud them.
cocorosie have been labelled as bizarre and creepy
some have even gone as far as calling their genre freakfolk.
its just deviant music which needs no labelling.

in all the uncertainty and apprehension of their music
you can only either love it or loathe it
there are no other ways around it.

well it happened to hit me
i didnt think much of it at first..
but it really captivated me one day.

its not exactly the easiest music to listen to
but when it hits you its like catching a glimpse
of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

from La Maison de Mon Rêve:
mp3|cocorosieby your side

from their latest album The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn:
buy here.

5.sally shapiro
this is disco romance.
that sums it all up.
the disco princess manages to melt all of our hearts
with beautiful synths and the most tender of vocals.
if you appreciate synthpop you will adore her.
the easiest to listen to on this list
its a breather from all the heavy
music which demands your attention.

go on, drift away in her music.
you might just be by her side.

mp3|sally shapiroi’ll be by your side
mp3|sally shapirohold me so tight
buy here.

take your time to go through this list.
it deserves your time.
part deux and the top 5 to look out for will
come sooner than you know.

i reiterate.please buy their music.
if you like them, they deserve your attention.

patience be to you.those who have signed up for the mailing list
i promise you will get some real good stuff
for being such a good crowd.

and finally, you gotta listen to this..
the inspiration for the naming of this post.
its impossible.

mp3|jolie hollandspringtime can kill you


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