motion pictures and commercials

having not watched shrek I or II before
it was a bloody nice surprise finding
the likes of damien rice and the eels on the soundtrack
of a movie i had no initial interest in.
(yes yes im a hermit)
even live and let die was used.amazing.

mp3|eelsroyal pain
mp3|damien rice9 crimes

its time for some heart wrenching videos
with tracks which refused to get out of your head.
first up is liberty mutual’s beautiful ad
with the most gorgeous song
by the always incandescent hem.
exaggeration?not by my standards.

mp3|hemhalf acre

next up is sony ericssons ad campaign
which im pretty sure all of you have
seen and been infected with by now.
simplicity at its best.
adorable?i know.

who agrees with me the two of them are simply
chris martin and maggie gyllenhaal lookalikes?

mp3|freelance hellraiserwant you to know


1 Response to “motion pictures and commercials”

  1. 1 dickson teo June 9, 2007 at 3:27 am

    i want you to know you make me happy, uncle johnny.

    want you to know you never make me sad!

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