ol’ saint john on death row

so so so the folks at fox decided to use one of the best songs ever
for their ad.and of course its awesome.
effin’ awwwwwsome.
i cant even begin to describe my love for CWK
they just hit the spot..hit it real good.

im pretty sad they let fox use their song
they are much too good for fox but whatever..

esti ginzburgs one hell of a chick.
get that filthy thought outta your head..
yeah the one which makes you google that name.
its about the music here.

i just wanna tash her..

heres that song which grabs your throat
and one which makes me a saint.

if i was castaway on an island
pathetic and despondent
this would be it.
saint john
..ol’ saint john.
he would lead me outta perdition.

mp3|cold war kids-hang me up to dry
mp3|cold war kids-saint john (get this!)


1 Response to “ol’ saint john on death row”

  1. 1 Universal Chick July 14, 2007 at 12:20 pm

    Cold War Kids F*ing Rocks!!!!!!
    my fav song on their album. “Hair Down” its good to know that there are people out here who appreciates good music as I do.

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