the luck of the irish

the pops saturday night was pretty fuckin amazing.
it actually gave me joy stumbling home.

for that i shall give you the lucky number slevin
7 new albums which will twang! you out of this world.
get them while they are piping hot.

A is for art brut
and i hope they stop nag nag naggin’

from its a bit complicated (2007):
mp3|art brutpeople in love

from bang bang rock & roll:
mp3|art brut-emily kane

*links for art brut have been removed at the request of the band

i still love ice cream.
so heres nypc back
with fantastic playroom.
greys def not my fav color.

from fantastic playroom (2007):
mp3|nypcice cream (old album)

shout out louds are one of my favorite bands.

i love everything i feature on !tashed
but some are just more equal.

their sound has evolved and their rough edge is
mellowing down but they still grab me real good.

mp3|shout out loudstonight i have to leave it (2007)
mp3|shout out loudsthere’s nothing

remember these guys?
they got slammed for being a psuedo indie band
once upon a time and got really quiet.
i went for one of their concerts and it was real good

c’mon give them a break.

from the sun and the moon(2007):
mp3|the braveryabove and below
mp3|the braverybelieve

listening to robbers on high street can be mighty fatal.
they are pretty damn good.
enough said.

from grand animals(2007):
mp3|robbers on high streetcrown victoria
mp3|robbers on high streetfatalist
(fatalist and friends EP)
they are highly recommended!

if you think their name makes them more famous then you must be a dickhead.
its always my rights versus yours.
twin cinema was absolutely 5 stars.period.
the new pornographers
are like the bomb.oh a oh
from challengers(2007):
mp3|the new pornographersmy rights versus yours (get this!)

from twin cinema:
mp3|the new pornographersfalling through your clothes

ga ga ga ga ga
isnt exactly the coolest album name.
but hell spoon is taking over the world slowly
but surely with harold crick…

and little did he know.. its like
my little japanese cigarette case.

from ga ga ga ga ga(2007):
mp3|spoonmy little japanese cigarette case
mp3|spoondon’t make me a target


2 Responses to “the luck of the irish”

  1. 1 Jeff June 21, 2007 at 9:25 pm

    A good seven there. I love the Spanish guitar solo on “Cigarette Case.”

  2. 2 uncle johnny June 22, 2007 at 8:36 am

    yeah cigarette case is just awesome to say the least..

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