now thats what i call music

no fake reunions ala mr corgan
its the real mccoy!
four of em’.
go here if you dont believe me!
they are gonna play live in november in the UK.
smashing up my ass.

mp3|the verveso sister

for that i shall introduce 5.
5 you should get acquainted with
i heart them all.

the concretes aren’t so rigid.
the electric soft parade is not an electro band.
apostle of hustle is not gospel.
and i declare that
the rosebuds and rosie thomas
will melt you & be loved by all one day.
especially you girls.

victoria bergsman of young folks fame
has left the concretes..
but i still heart the concretes.

album|hey trouble
mp3|the concretesoh boy

album|no need to be downhearted

mp3|the electric soft parademisunderstanding
mp3|the electric soft parade-if thats the case then i don’t know

apostle of hustle are one of those that strike me
real hard at the first listen.
a bloody different bunch.

album|national anthem of nowhere
mp3|apostle of hustlemy sword hand’s anger
mp3|apostle of hustlethe naked & alone

they were the darlings of SXSW by a mile.
definitely top 5 for 2007.
mp3|the rosebudsget up and get out
mp3|the rosebudsbluebird

all you girls are gonna love this album
shes just the kind who makes you
weak in the knees.

album|these friends of mine
mp3|rosie thomassay hello
mp3|rosie thomaspaper doll

for those on the mailing list:
mp3|rosie thomas-the one i love
mp3|the rosebuds-wildcat


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