the big boys are comin

these 3 are the real big boys in music
well at least your grandma could
roll 2 of these bands off her tongue.
massive massive.

now now this video is circa 2001 from
the white stripes album white blood cells
when it was shown to me the first time
i was blown away.
i loved the direction completely.
so please enjoy.

#1 the white stripes
album|icky thump

forget the fictional marriage or
the fact that they claim to be siblings.
even the side project the raconteurs for a while.
they live on facades..
facades which gives them the hype and novelty
to do anything they want.
they just don’t try too hard with their music
which is mighty attractive.
“icky thump” came along pretty much fuss free
with a surprising amount of refreshment
with jacks voice still screaming, riffs ever present
and of course the attitude.
the diversity of this album from
garage to blues to celtic (mandolin and bagpipes)
just makes them more endearing than ever.

its a strange new world.

and while ‘icky thump’ refers to ‘oh my god’ they really mean
that when it comes to gutwrenching provocative rock
there is still only one.
the white stripes.

mp3|the white stripesicky thump
mp3|the white stripesa martyr for my love for you

#2 smashing pumpkins

the ‘sprit of the age’ or what they call zeitgeist
is what billy corgan is trying to capture.
familiarity breeds contempt with songs which prick you
with memories such as ‘7 shades of black’
and ‘bring the light’.
you’d think for a moment SP is finally back.
with only jimmy chamberlin turning up for the party,
d’arcy wretzky and james iha seem
to know something we don’t.
and that something we don’t know
is what we are missing so much.
They were no doubt the “zeitgeist” of the 90s
but its a different time
without the 4 of them.

you get a whiff of SP but they are never truly present.
get this album if you are a fanatic though.
its all they can muster..for now.

picks: bring the light, pomp and circumstances

mp3|smashing pumpkinsbring the light

#3 interpol
album|our love to admire

i hoped for the best as they moved from
matador to capitol.
to a world where the way they evolve
was potentially going to be corrupted.

it was needless apprehension.
they bleed pure interpol in
their 3rd and latest release

interpol are a serious personal
favorite and im just happy
they have gotten so big over the years
they absolutely deserve it.

mp3|interpolpace is the trick
mp3|interpolthe heinrich maneuver


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