i declare this week !electro week! on !tashed.
i will try to update as much as possible this week
theres just so much goin on in the electro/indie
scene these days its just fuckin awesome.
if you wanna go deep into the new wave scene
(yes…new wave not nu-rave)
then please visit pingpongpunkpanda
this site is totally psychedelic young ones..

google teenagers and you get a song by MCR
omfg i really feel like puking.
i shall never type those three letters
on this site again i promise you that.

#1 the thrills
this aint no electro band.
this aint no new band.
these are one of the big boys in the indie/rock scene
announcing a new album is like big newsssss
theres one thing about the thrills that i cant put down
they sound really joyous but under the surface
(which i attribute to the lead vocalist conor deasy)
is a certain melancholy which they manage
to achieve at the same time.
another personal favorite.

love them to bits.

mp3|the thrillsnothing changes around here
mp3|the thrillsthe midnight choir
#2 the teenagers

these teens are not only making an album
hell.. they do insane remixes too!
which is an awesome start to !electro week!
im not the only one to profess my love for them
if the wonderful picture above does not entice
you enough to listen to them..
watch their adorable video.
they deserve your love
like a dream come true.
its the beat boys and girls
its the beat.

mp3|the teenagershomecoming

mp3|the teenagershomecoming(guns N bombs remix)
mp3|simian mobile discoits the beat(the teenagers remix)



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