2 insane bands for the ages

sorry for the lack of updates.
bangkok seriously steals souls.
and i know !electro week! was a disaster
i hope the next 2 electro bands will be
as sick and gnarly for you as it was for me.
and hopefully..make up for lost time
they are meant for the ages.
its not very often that a band comes along
and you know..just know it.
they are just so effin’ good at first listen
they are gonna be so massive.
they should be on every party playlist.
i declare dragonette the
breakout band of the year
here at !tashed

the boys is an excellent new take on
disco prince calvin harris’ the girls.

mp3|dragonettei get around
mp3|dragonettethe boys(calvin harris cover)
mp3|calvin harristhe girls
video|i get around
dragonette myspace

ghosthustler is disco-indie at
its absolute finest.
it has electronic,pop,disco,rock
and even an 80s element to it.
its totally new wave.
fitting the profile of bands
in the 2000s to a T,
it has no fuckin’ profile.
the hooks,the beats and their sound
will definitely make you dance.
i assure you of that.

they make electro outfit chromeo
sound like amateurs.(just an analogy)
take them with caution.

mp3|ghosthustlerbusy busy busy
mp3|ghosthustlerlosing tracks
video|parking lot nights
ghosthustler myspace


1 Response to “2 insane bands for the ages”

  1. 1 umstrum May 18, 2009 at 4:41 pm

    yay Dragonette!
    have u listened to the new single.. it will be out in a couple of weeks and it’s massive:
    get it here: http://umstrum.wordpress.com/2009/05/17/dragonette-fixing-to-thrill/

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