you know the mundays.
they always seem to get to you dont they.
the angst and the weight of the world in your tummy
needs a cure.. a bloody good shake.
what better way than to hear from this band
aptly named the OFFICE.
you cant brood and moan over mondays too much..
they just seem to last forever.
these chicago rockers are here to help
and can only be described as
bloody bloody infectious.

they give you joy in all your monotony.
at least even scratchie records (owned by james iha)
think so too.

heres the song which drew me to them instantly i swear.
mp3|officewound up

and heres a track from their upcoming album a night at the ritz.
which is also a first release on any label.
album|a night at the ritz
mp3|officethe ritz

lets go to the beach tonight..with a bottle of wine
heres to you and heres to me!


1 Response to “office?”

  1. 1 jakub October 4, 2007 at 7:45 pm

    Is this all Chicago has to offer? Ego trippin’ hip hoppers or yet another milquetoast, non-offensive, blindingly white pop band that won’t offend grandma!

    Derivative at best.

    The plaid pants buddy holly glass wearin’ hipsters over at Pitchfork will love it (providing it doesn’t become too popular).

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