sunday sounds: ferraby lionheart

when ferraby lionheart sings, i honestly feel there is a crack in time.
sundays don’t sound better than his music.
there are flighty pleasures involved with his melodies
but everyone knows the timbre of his voice completes the sound.

words dont do him justice.
he is one of those who you find out about
and wish he could be your lovely little secret
but after a while ive come to realize..
not sharing ferraby with the rest of the world is
a terrible sin.

he is the reason why there are people like me doing what we do
going out and actually finding music that makes my red meat heart beat.
he has as tender a sound as you can find..
i absolutely dig ferraby.

his first full length album ‘catch the brass ring‘ was out on sept 4th..
before that he had an EP i was so mighty attracted to, i hid him from you guys.

album|catch the brass ring
mp3|ferraby lionheart-
small planet

album|ferraby lionheart (self-titled EP)
mp3|ferraby lionheart-a crack in time
mp3|ferraby lionheart-the ballad of gus and sam
(download these two or you might never live right again)

video|ferraby lionheart-a crack in time
(watch this)
tell me if any of you can think of anything sweeter than a young man dancing with an old lady.

i implore you to get his album from insound


1 Response to “sunday sounds: ferraby lionheart”

  1. 1 Andrew September 25, 2007 at 6:41 pm

    Fantastic artist, really love his sound. I think Vermont Avenue is one of his stronger tracks.

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