friday i’m in love: remixed

the NEW single by none other than kings of electro-pop hot chip.
call them indietronica or electro-pop..they are pure genius in my eyes and my oh my they have got a new single up their pits.
its in the hot chip vein as usual and incredibly synthful.

mp3|hot chipshake a fist

remember to get their insane album coming on strong here.

this is a weekend remix i tried posting the past 2 days but something was wrong with blogger.

mp3|CSS-lets make love and listen to death from above (calvin harris remix)
mp3|justice-phantom II (soulwax nite version)
mp3|peter, bjorn and john vs amy winehouse-young folks in rehab (dj topcat remix)
mp3|twistawell its time (ft. kanye west) (FEIST sampler)

what is happening! why is twista and kanye on my site?
you should know my “penchant” for hip-hop…
buttttt this is a feist sample, yes get it right
a feist sampler of her song gatekeeper.

remember to get her album the reminder here.

last but not incredible discotronic rave mix by
a local dj called inquisitive and you can DL it right here.

mix|dj inquisitivediscotronic rave mix


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