daft hands punk ass.

what you may not have seen.

kanye west at his finest hour.
being a little brat cause he didnt know who JUSTICE was.
an absolute disgrace. he may be riding on daft punks awesome music for now,
thats right, for now.
i have no hate for hip-hop or RnB artists or their music but i have a huge problem
with their pussy overblown dumbass egos.
it really makes me never wanna buy a record by them.

an excerpt of what he said:

!!!!! ” there is pamela Anderson in my clip of 1 million$” !!!!!
WOW awesome!

but enough with the complaining.
heres another awesome video called “daft fingers”
watch it after 1:00! nothing happens before that.

finally a real remix of harder, better, faster, stronger

AGAIN from the awesome DIPLO.

mp3|daft punk ft. diplowork is never over


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