thursday madness: hot.hawt.haughty.

i know this site isnt as updated as i wish it could be
but im trying to make up for it with a certain kind of madness.
this post is for you to grab, grope and find your way
to the latest massive indie records that have been released recently.
its terrible treating them like that.
they all actually deserve a post each.

iron and wine is divine as usual. no qualms about it. they really are the standard.

album|the sheperd’s dog
mp3|iron and wine
boy with a coin
mp3|iron and winecarousel

a new EP from the always incandescent Karen O

album|isis (EP)
mp3|yeah yeah yeahs-
10 x 10

jose in his element as usual killing for love.

album|in our nature
mp3|jose gonzalez-
down the line
mp3|jose gonzalez- killing for love

album|asleep at heaven’s gate
mp3|rogue wave-
lake michigan

a real radio-friendly popper, this one.

album|once upon a time in the west
can’t get along (without you)

melancholy never felt so close and distant at the same time before.
one of my favorite bands.

album|beyond the neighbourhood
mp3|athlete- airport disco


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