sunday sounds: said the shark

the robot was delicious but its just the icing on the cake which is the album.

always prattling on about wolves is an album from a duo based in denmark.
it was voted one of the top ten danish albums
and one of the most pervasive albums to me.
it grows on you and strikes you with all their sensitivity and heart.

the praise said the shark deserves from us here at !tashed is long overdue.
their songs make you wince and your red meat heart tinge.

with topics ranging from heartbreak, addiction to kids and even politics,
this isnt your run of the mill band
but an intelligent one which runs deep under the facade.

get their album if you think you have the time to appreciate some good music.
which should be all the time.

mp3|said the sharkno getting over you

get their album here.
said the shark myspace page


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