sunday sounds: some people have real problems


this is sia kate isobelle furler.
yeah thats her real name.
its see-ah by the way.

this blond, blue-eyed aussie girl has come a long way
from being a back-up singer in jamiroquai
to projects with massive attack, beck and famously with zero7 .

her excellent video ‘breathe me‘ below put many
expensive mtv’s to shame and is a must watch.

take heart as she has her new album named some people have real problems.

its better late than never for sunday sounds
with this talented individual with the most amazing of voices.

sit back and enjoy the single “electric bird” off her latest album,
but remember to get the album from here.

mp3|siaelectric bird (some people have real problems)
mp3|siabreathe me (colour the small one)
sia myspace page
sia website


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