Hot Chip: Made in the dark


In this day and age of fleeting and short-lived bursts of attention
hoarded on bands and music in general, hot chip defies logic.

Pop never seemed to gain back its credibility
as a genre of gravitas since the split of the fab four.

But Hot Chip’s moment is here and they are trying in their own way
to re-express pop as a genre of good sense and actually good music.

They are a hybrid in their own terms,
blending electro and dancefloor pop with ease.

Their latest album cements them as a group which not only
transcends the fickleness of the hoi polloi,
but also the band which gave us the first massive pop single of 2008.

Now, get ready for the floor.

mp3|hot chipmade in the dark

mp3|hot chipready for the floor

mp3|hot chipready for the floor (soulwax dub)

hot chip myspace

hot chip website


1 Response to “Hot Chip: Made in the dark”

  1. 1 TheKarin February 1, 2008 at 4:44 pm

    Dude, thanks for the remixes.

    Have you seen the video for “Ready for The Floor”?

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