friday i’m in love: Yelle!

yelle has been stirring so much heat in france im pretty embarrassed that i’m only featuring her now.

Je veux te voir, the hit single which shot her to fame in 2006 is one hell of a dance track. And i totally get why she and her 80s rewind worth of tracks are as easy on the ears as it is to dance to on a greasy sweaty dirty friday evening.

Shes a huge mainstream hipster in france and with such energy and vibrancy she’s gonna take over the world. Be careful..

A Cause Des Garcons Video

Je Veux Te Voir Video

Perfect for a friday i’m in love spot shes pure dance dance dance till you faint.

Her latest album is called pop up and beg, borrow or steal you have to have a listen.

Grab her hottest track at the moment A cause des garcons‘ which has even kitsune swooning over her.

Watch the 2 videos. now.

mp3|yelle – A cause des garcons / (zshare)

mp3|yelle – Je veux te voir / (zshare)

yelle website

yelle myspace


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