saturday shoegaze with m83.

shoegaze needs your time.

shoegaze always needs time.

shoegaze makes you think. experiment, feel, touch and imagine.

Of the present, the future, and definitely in retrospect.

shoegaze is not music you listen to when you are fiery, agitated or impatient.

Its music to be appreciated when you feel like embracing and nestling in the world and life you dont quite get at times.

And in more recent times, the shoegaze m83 have been producing is magic.

Yes. Magic… Amazing. Spectacular.

Graveyard girl video

Saturdays = Youth is the latest offering by m83 which was released by mute records this week.

This album is definitely the easiest to appreciate as it is less experimental, more poppy and has more of a shoegaze feel. But dont deny them of their past work as many have overlooked. This new album just happens to be in a direction that will allow more people to get them.

Remember, take your time with m83 and you will adore them to bits.

mp3|m83 – Graveyard girl / (zshare)

mp3|m83 – Kim & Jessie / (zshare)


mp3|Placebo – Protege moi (m83 remix) / (zshare)

mp3|Goldfrapp – Black cherry (m83 remix) / (zshare)

m83 website

m83 myspace



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