sunday sounds with laura marling.

Laura Marling is the precocious girl in the photo above.

I repeat. She sings wayyy beyond her age.

She even sounds like shes been at it for ages with such a polished sound, but isn’t even in her 20s.

We have mentioned her here before when she collaborated with the mystery jets for a fabulous track.

Enough with the trivia and lets talk about her music.

Her songs are an amalgamation of folk and pop’s utter goodness which are incredibly charming , provocative, disarming and intimate.

Those are the perfect ingredients for a sunday sound.

So get used to her name.

‘ghosts’ video

album|alas i cannot swim

mp3|laura marling – ghosts

mp3|laura marling – failure

laura marling website

laura marling myspace

laura marling album


2 Responses to “sunday sounds with laura marling.”

  1. 2 tarnia December 11, 2010 at 1:34 pm

    Great post, I totally agree – LM is an amazing artist!

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