narrow stairs.

i refrained i refrained and i refrained.

but i have decided to cave in and talk about them.

when death cab came out with plans i thought they were heading for a soft direction.

it was light, breezy and easy, though that never got the critics waxing lyrical.

soul meets body was the quintessential pop song which in my opinion could speak to the masses and feature on every single radio station.

then everybody ‘went PBJ’ on them too.
not complaining, i always thought they deserved much much more airplay.
but something was different, their edge seemed to be wearing off.

their frontman Ben Gibbard had a voice for emotion.

and with narrow stairs, the band truly exploited it. this time with menacing effect.

heavier and darker than they have ever been before, i’m really getting them this time round.

get this album. they deserve your love. you get a free silkscreen poster with it.

mp3|death cab for cutie – bixby canyon bridge / (zshare)

mp3|death cab for cutie – cath… / (zshare)

DCFC website

DCFC myspace

DCFC album


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