twenty one.

lets start our monday right shall we.

if you are lookin for an album you don’t need to take too seriously, or one that can go along with you and take the blues away, look no further.

I still don’t get the direction mystery jets is heading toward.
Don’t get me wrong, this album is filled with pop songs that will last a lifetime.
there is in fact a certain swagger about the songs in this album that would probably make them instant classics.

this album is surprisingly a bloody good pop album.

why is it surprising? well, their previous album barely gave a hint of this direction, probably upsetting many.
the producer of this album ‘the erol alkan‘ is also not known for making memorable pop songs like these.

no hard bass lines or mad guitar riffs.

so is this album about their progress as a band, toying with different sounds?
or is it a stamp, a statement that they have arrived somewhere?

i say screw it. just enjoy them as they are for the moment.
even if this were any other bands only album, it is already a masterpiece in its own right.

it was released a few months back, but from ‘young love‘ to ‘two doors down‘, this album is downright fun, addictive, and will hook you silly anytime.

mp3|mystery jets – two doors down / (zshare)

mp3|mystery jets – half in love with elizabeth / (zshare)

mystery jets website

mystery jets myspace

mystery jets album


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