the 80s cover project by the buffet libre DJs.

it is a non commercial project by them intended as a tribute to one of the golden ages in music history.

there are 57 artists. yes get that right 57 stellar artists of today covering their favorite songs from the 80s in this project.

moulinex covering the pineapples?

the cloud room covering new order?

SSLYBY covering XTC?

electric soft parade covering the pet shop boys?

this only happens in your wet dreams!

Head down to to DL each cover individually.

or get this promo now.

Promo sample tracklist: (14 songs)

01 – Madonna – Into The Groove (SIDECHAINS Remix)

02 – MOULINEX – Come On Closer (Pineapples Cover)

03 – DRAGONETTE – Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ Top Cover)

04 – POMOMOFO – White Horse (Laid Back Cover)

05 – LISMORE – Wot (Captain Sensible Cover)

06 – Roger Troutman – Do It Roger (XINOBI Remix)

07 – !TRASH YOURSELF – Fuck Tha Police (NWA Cover)

08 – Gap Band – Burn Rubber On Me (OVERTHRILL Remix)

09 – RAC FEAT. KARL KLING – Take On Me (A-Ha Cover)

10 – ER2 – Le Jerk (Thierry Hazard Cover)

11 – A-Ha – Hunting High And Low (LOUIS LA ROCHE Remix)

12 – SOUTH CENTRAL – Kerosene (Big Black Cover)

13 – CULTURE PROPHET – Erotic City (Prince Cover)

14 – Def Leppard – Photograph (HEARTACHE Remix)

mp3|buffet libre DJs – promo sample

for all you Singaporeans, screw mambo.. this is real retro lovin.


2 Responses to “rewind.”

  1. 1 Marc Constanti July 6, 2008 at 6:00 pm


    we are moving to a new server.

    you can enter Rewind here:

    very thanks!


  2. 2 umstrum May 18, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    have you listened to Dragonette’s new single? it’s caleld “Fixing to Thrill” and it’s massive!
    get it from here:

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