The Spinto Band – Moonwink

Remember that insanely infectious song called “Oh Mandy”???

I’m sure you do.

The Spinto Band is back to jiggle your veins and make you bob your head while singing to yourself once again.

They are gearing up for their new LP Moonwink by letting loose their latest track “Pumpkins and Paisley” on us here at !tashed and we are more than happy to share the love.

Their latest LP is produced by Dave Trumfio —of Wilco, Built to Spill, and Mates of State fame, Moonwink is an incredible follow-up to 2005’s breakthrough Nice and Nicely Done.

They will not stop till you start vibrating and tapping your feet.

I can’t get enough of them and “Pumpkins and Paisley” is a clear standout in the album.

They will make you happy in times where alot of music you hear makes you sad sad sad.


MP3 | The Spinto Band – Pumpkins and Paisely / (Mediafire)

The Spinto Band website

The Spinto Band Myspace


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