Sunday Sounds with Fleet Foxes

sundays are days you wanna feel out of this world.

light and airy with music to daze over the most mundane things in life.
Like mountains, animals, forests, branches, hills and even the shape of clouds.

As mundane as they are they actually keep us sane and in touch with our own mortality.

Fleet Foxes sing these songs with exquisite melodies and in fact, these melodies are pretty much a constant in their latest album.

Every time I listen to this album, it seems different, shifting images and shuffling ideas in my head.

They are serious old-world folk musicians even though these 5 musicians are only in their twenties.

They describe themselves as baroque pop, but if uplifting harmonies which at times even sound like holy hymns are what you seek, this is IT.

Their music is brilliant, and in my eyes an instant classic.

MP3 | Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal / (link 2)

MP3 | Fleet Foxes – Oliver James / (link 2)

Fleet Floxes Website
Fleet Foxes Myspace
Fleet Foxes Album


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