Au Revoir Simone: Reverse Migrations

Au Revoir Simone, these 3 girls from brooklyn are gearing up for a release of Reverse Migrationsa collection of their favorite remixes and re-envisionings of 2007’s breakthrough full-length The Bird of Music.

The band has let loose two tracks on us and its here for your pure enjoyment.

There will be other familiar artists in this album including The Teenagers, Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip and Darkel of AIR.

The album will be officially released on Nov 11th and the taste so far has been superb.

The two remixes are lovely as hell.

They will perversely transport you into a world of pretty electro pop and take you with them, to the places you left, lost to the mist of time.

MP3 | Au Revoir Simone – Lark (Ruff and Jam Remix)

MP3 | Au Revoir Simone – Sad Song (Pacific Remix)

Au Revoir Simone Website

Au Revoir Simone Myspace


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