Hot Chip touch too much

Hot Chip were one of the big boys who released their album real early this year.
You would think that they would slow down their presence to the world by now, with the hype from the album dying down.
With remixes from LA Riots to Soulwax and Switch, there are few bands which get bigger than this.

Its almost the end of the year now, but they just can’t stop smacking their music in my face.
And you know what? I still can’t get enough. I want MORE.

>>MP3s after the jump.

“Playboy” was a track off their very first album, Coming On Strong when i first started adoring them. It was a real stunner back then and it still tingles my spine. Max Tundra, with a new album (Parallax Error Beheads You) just released a few weeks back under Domino Records, decided he should do a cover of Hot Chip’s Playboy. It has to be heard i assure you.

Fake Blood, arguably the hottest remixer this year, decided he wants to stick his finger in the pie as well and did a remix of “Touch Too Much”.

Are all these enough? Hell no.
There is word out there that Hot Chip did a cover of Vampire Weekend‘s “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa“.
I’m gonna hunt that down.

MP3 | Max Tundra – Playboy (Hot Chip Cover)

MP3 | Hot Chip – Touch Too Much (Fake Blood Remix)


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