Bloc Party – Intimacy

When the dust settled after Silent Alarm, Bloc Party reached a sacred place.
They were revered as greats even though it was just one album.
Silent Alarm was raw, in your face and incredibly successful, and deservedly so.

With A Weekend In The City, they experimented with more textured sounds, and came back with poor returns. Many slammed them and blamed it on the curse of the sophomore album. It was a surprise that their second album was on torrent sites months before the actual release.

This time round, they came to fight. With Intimacy slated to release in late 2008, they intentionally stunned the world with 3 days notice and started selling digital downloads of their album for 5 pounds in August.
It seemed like they were gonna use all the experience they had.

GLOSSY MP3s after the jump.

They could loosely attribute their astronomic rise from their first album to music blogs, but the slump of their 2nd album to illegal sharing. Its weird, but the industry needs some form of controlled madness. Work it well, and you get stratospheric benefits.

Now with Intimacy, they used all their experience they had to make it. Critics actually adored their sophomore album, but it just could not appeal to everyone, so they enlisted the services of both the producers of the first 2 albums. If an excellent hybrid of the first two albums were what they wanted to acheive, they have hit the sweet spot.

Mercury came out fast and hard on us, and it was instantly loved. A hit it was and we were left wanting more. Intimacy gives us everything we ever wanted, everything from the first 2 albums.
This album is mostly about frontman Kele Okereke‘s past relationship and breakups, with the anger thrown in but is this the best album yet?

Some have called it repititious and filled with limp lyrics, but in our opinion it is as rough and exhilarating as it gets. The Johnny Rottens of the world, however, won’t buy their cred and will still be left unsatisfied.

MP3 | Bloc Party – Biko

MP3 | Bloc Party – One Month Off


MP3 | Bloc Party – Banquet (The Streets Mix)


Bloc Party Website
Bloc Party Myspace
Bloc Party Album


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