Cut Copy – Far Away (Damn Arms Remix)

Last week we just talked about Yama Indra aka G.L.O.V.E.S regarding his tour in SE Asia and how exciting his production is.

This week his band Damn Arms, who have been touring with Cut Copy and Knightlife dropped some gold plated shit in our mailbox. We were seriously waiting in anticipation for this.
It was bloody worth the wait.

MP3s after the jump!

Modular is going to release Cut Copy‘s single “Far Away” on the 24th Nov and have included many insane mixes in it. Here is the tracklisting:

01 Far Away
02 Far Away [Hercules & Love Affair Remix]
03 Far Away [Damn Arms Remix]
04 Far Away [Golden Filter Remix]
05 Hearts on Fire [Aeroplane Pop Mix]
06 So Haunted [Knightlife Sun-Soaked Reprise]
07 Sands of Time

So here’s the love from the boys down under..

MP3 | Cut Copy – Far Away (Damn Arms Remix)

Damn Arms Myspace


Hundreds and Thousands are also from Melbourne, Australia and this is their incredible take on the Cut Copy track. Enjoy.

MP3 | Cut Copy – Far Away (Hundreds and Thousands Remix)

Hundreds and Thousands Myspace


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