Ray Lamontagne – Gossip In The Grain

Ray LaMontagne is a man who manages to express heartache and hurt better than anyone else in this world. His last 2 albums tore through the hardest of hearts and soothed the most broken of souls.

His brand of heartache is something few can fathom, with a general consensus that no one can actually write songs like that without feeling such despair themselves. Those who hurt find comfort in LaMontagne‘s music, which always grants the mood to dwell in disaster.

Gossip In The Grain is his 3rd album to date and some things remain consistent. His raspy vocals are present, he remains as intimate as ever, and he still manages to induce beautiful, rustic imagery in our heads with each song.

MP3s after the jump.

While he sings about those grey days better than anyone else, he has finally added some color to his brand of music with this album. He still does not sound happy, but at least happier than before.

I’m guessing it is probably because he has gained some confidence in opening up to people with his performances over the years. He was extremely withdrawn and few have gotten close enough to even know him as a person. He even preferred to sing on stage without the lights on him so that nobody could see his face.

This album is his coming out party, literally. His first song of the album “You Are The Best Thing” is the first time he has a song with any slight resemblance of light-hearted fun. But it is still in stark contrast to the rest of the album, which largely harps on his personal torment.

He takes a jibe at Meg White of The White Stripes, with the playful, edgy track “Meg White” and even named a song “Sarah“, after his wife. No one would have ever expected this from his former reclusive self.

I personally think hearing him sing is like looking at a bloody rare art piece, and I believe many hang on to his every word and sigh to take it all in.

His raspy vocals and achingly beautiful balladry is still second to none, making compelling and emotionally charged music you will never forget.

MP3 | Ray LaMontagne –  Meg White


MP3 | Rachel Yamagata – Duet (With Ray LaMontagne)

Ray LaMontagne Website
Ray LaMontagne Myspace
Ray LaMontagne ALBUM


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