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Jenny Lewis – Acid Tongue

The first time Jenny Lewis went solo and not as part of Rilo Kiley, she teamed up with The Watson Twins for an exquisite offering. It was really really beautiful and chock-full of lovely, enchanting tracks.

Acid Tongue is her 2nd solo album and The Watson Twins are not joining the party this time round. But she’s brought on a wonderful group of artists to collaborate with her.
It is a great group comprising of Elvis Costello, She & Him (M.Ward & Zooey Deschanel), and of course her supposed squeeze Jonathan Rice. (Among others)

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Department Of Eagles

Department Of Eagles are a band you have to know about.
I can tell you all about their history, while Daniel went on to join Grizzly Bear but decided that he and Fred should continue making albums too.

But lets get straight to the point, In Ear Park was released a few months ago but i heard their hit single since early last year. It was just one track, but i could never forget it.

“No One Does It Like You” was constantly looping in my head. The melody was gently warped, diffusing elgaic moods. So messy, yet so beautiful.

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Ingrid Michaelson – Be Ok

Ingrid Michaelson is back with a sophomore effort.
Rolling Stone mag gave her a bad review, others scoffed at her for taking a step back from her mercurial rise.
So whats the truth?

This album is basically a collection of covers, live recordings and new songs. And with a portion of the sales for this album being donated to the Stand Up To Cancer campaign, it seems like this album is her way of giving back.

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Some people frown when some of their favorite bands get more mainstream appeal.

Its like loving them but hoping they never go out and be famous because you only want it to be special for you.

Selfish asses.

Kings of Leon recently released their new album Only By The Night.

And i must say, they have grown up. Maturity bleeds through in this album.

I would say this album has more mainstream appeal than any before.

Sex on fire, their first single has already peaked at the top of the UK charts, albeit in digital downloads, but it was even before the album release.

Don’t get me wrong, they didn’t sell out.

They are still as raw as ever, but this album..this album will make stadiums erupt in euphoria.

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