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Turbo Love for Bag Raiders

Bag Raiders
have been coming up with the sickest remixes in the past, from Kid Sister to Midnight Juggernauts and even collaborating with Fool’s Gold.

They came up with an EP last month with their very own original madness.
It is SUPERB. You really really have to purchase this EP.

“Turbo Love” is straight up a party anthem, and “Shooting Stars” is a electro-pop lovers wet dream.
I am actually at a loss for words.


MP3 | Bag Raiders – Turbo Love

MP3 | Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars

Bag Raiders Website
Bag Raiders Myspace


GLOVES in Singapore

Yama Indra, one half of Damn Arms, also known as G.L.O.V.E.S is heading this way!
Bloody excited we are, having had so many eargasms because of his insane production and remixes.

He is one of Australia’s top DJs when he’s not with his band, Damn Arms.
We are an absolute fan of his work as you can tell, and we have posted a remix of his previously – Gameboy/Gamegirl’s Sweat Wet/Dirt Damp.

We will give you another of his superb remixes, this time of Van She‘s Changes.
Drool kids, drool.

MP3 | Van She – Changes (G.L.O.V.E.S Remix)

Come back over the weekend, we might just have something really new from him.

D is for Disco, E is for Dancing

The Bang Gang Deejays are back from down under with more goodies.

A double disc mix CD called “D is for Disco, E is for Dancing“.

The name is catchy enough, and they can’t tease you enough with a remix of Kicking and Screaming, the opening track on Apocalypso, The Presets latest release this year.

That track didn’t have to be remixed to shine, it was already an amazing track from possibly the best dance album this year.

The Aussies are really one tight bunch, and with their remixes, they always manage to provide a fresh insight into a classic track.

MP3 | The Presets – Kicking And Screaming (Bang Gang’s E is for Edit)

Bonus>> D is for Disco, E is for Dancing MiniMegaMix

MP3 | Thieves Like Us – Drugs In My Body (Thee Bang Gang Deejays Remix)

The Bang Gang Myspace

Empire Of The Sun.

Are the aussies gonna rule the world of real quality pop?

I mean with Van She‘s V this year up and running for the best pop album in a while, what more magic can they conjure from down under?

The electro scene is brimming with insane talents, and now there is a collaboration to drool over.

collabs collabs collabs.

It still keeps my palms sweaty and my heart pounding so give me more sam la more.

Empire Of The Sun is a collaboration between Luke Steele of The Sleepy Jackson and Nick Littlemore of electro favorites PNAU.

Physchedelic pop is the rule of their game and the vibes they manage to produce from this union is magical, its like walking on a dream literally. How can i explain, We are always running for the thrill of it , thrill of it…

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friday i’m in love with Van She Tech.

Van She Technologic are remixes done by 2 members of Van She who are coincidentally coming tonight for beatnik picnic @ smu green.

Its a free concert so haul your ass down there.

Their remixes are seriously no jokin matter.

Staple diet for craving and raving.

Here’s 2 remixes of two older but still insane tracks.

we could be a sweet team, melting in your vice dreams.

mp3|Feist – 1234 (Van She Tech remix) / (zshare)

mp3|NYPC – Ice Cream (Van She Tech remix) / (zshare)

Van She website

Van She Tech myspace

Van She ‘V’ album + tee shirt

friday i’m in love with van she.

van she is from australia.

van she is on modular recordings.

van she is coming to singapore on the 25th of July for beatnik picnic.

foaming once again.

they are FIT. absolutely fit for a friday night.

new album ‘V’ out in august so watch out for it

heres ‘cat and the eye’ from their upcoming album

mp3|Van She – Cat and the eye (Van She tech remix)

mp3|Van She – Sex city (Teenagers remix) / (zshare)

van she website

van she myspace

van she album + tee shirt

friday i’m in love with gameboy/gamegirl.

GAMEBOY/GAMEGIRL is made up of 3 party animals from melbourne australia.

having local beatmaker miami horror to help them and man the decks while they MC, they have some insane electro beats with downright dirty sounds.

this week they are our FIL fave.

wanna know how i’d describe them?


get sweaty wet/dirty damp to know why.

mp3|GAMEBOY/GAMEGIRL – Sweaty wet/dirty damp / (zshare)

mp3|GAMEBOY/GAMEGIRL – Sweaty wet/dirty damp (G.L.O.V.E.S. RMX) / (zshare)