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tuesday double bowie. (part one)


You know Bowie is from outer space.

He came to earth to mesmerise us all.

His look, his swagger. Absolutely inimitable.

but today we are not gonna go on and on about the man on the vinyl cover.

We are goin in depth into why there is a pale, fat, disgusting pair of legs sticking out like a sore flaccid ..muscle behind it.

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beck with modern guilt.

Beck has never believed in any form of structure for his albums.

That has stayed true all these years with numerous albums.

He has finally signed to an independent label (interscope to XL) again since the early 90s, and with the help of Brian Burton aka danger mouse (one half of gnarls barkley) it seems to be paying off.

According to him, this album was 2 years worth of songwriting fit into 10 full weeks.

This album is actually fun and intelligently playful, back to the basics and when Beck was post-modern and exciting.

Beck have always been the hippest of the lot even after all these years, producing a 35 minute album that is still funky, intimate and essential.

This is his best album by far in recent years.

mp3|Beck – Orphans (Ft. Cat Power) / (zshare)

mp3|Beck – Volcano / (zshare)

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