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boys boys boys..

from boy kill boy to the whitest boy alive
here comes the happiest of them all
the boy least likely to.

im gonna force my neices and nephews to listen to them(im serious)
girls are gonna love this band
boys are gonna go ‘twee like fuck!’ and act like they detest them.

but this band is so happy it makes everyone gay.
now wtf are you thinking its harmless childrens music we are talking about.

the boy least likely tobe gentle with me
the boy least likely toi’m glad i hitched my apple wagon to your star


of 2 million people watching the infamous boys dancing on treadmills and grannies dancing next to treadmills.(bloody speechless..these grannies are cooler than you.)
please watch the 2 videos.

OK GOhere it goes again (catchy catchy catchy!)

its just a joy watching 4 grown men acting like boys and old folks dancing.
who cares about the young folks??

crayon fields and children

you know the deal.
when a band plays with handclaps and triangles to go with a melodic voice,it sounds really really happy.

music which has tambourines,shakers and handclaps..always appeals to me.
that is exactly what the crayon fields sound like.
a bloody happy band.
they are classified as childrens music on itunes. hah.
they really seem to take everything good about being a child into their music.

you know where hope used to be a good thing and being happy was all that mattered…not childish,but they seem to sing in a way that children may just be the ones who see the bigger picture in life.
they are totally not self-conscious according to pple who’ve seen them live.

my dream position in a band is being that dude at the side with the shaker livin in his own world.
and i’d rather be ringo than paul.

i still want impossible things..
i’ll clap for you and you’d clap for me.

the bands from melbourne and its their first album called animal bells.a bloody good effort.

the crayon fieldsimpossible things

colors are brighter

you have witnessed the wit
he will blow you away soon enough.
now here comes the perfectly ordinary talk on how we operate.
we do alot of music here but music is never just about the music
ask michel gondry and spike jonze and they totally get it.
theres the photography and the film and the art all involved just to make music more than it is and vice versa.
so we can never just talk about the music.
let all of them work together and make love while listening to death from above.

gomezhow we operate
cansei de ser sexylets make love and listen to death from above

a couple of kids namely franz ferdinand, snow patrol, the kooks and four tet are contributing to a collection of children’s songs curated by belle and sebastian
and it was released last oct.its called colors are brighter and if i had kids they’d be listenin to this.
myspace page

pls tell me if you can find it cos i definitely cant in singapore.heres something from the album.

fourtetgo go ninja dinosaur

i wanna be forever young.

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